Antonyms for stater

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Stater—A gold coin; estimated at about twelve shillings, three pence.

The miraculous draught of fishes, and the stater in the fish's mouth?

When you have opened its mouth, you will find a stater coin.

We had a controversy in Bloomsbury on one occasion about a gold Athenian stater sent to me on approval.

I have paid the interest up to the month Epeiph, at the rate of a stater per mina.

Every man was to receive a stater per month, the captains twice, and the generals four times as much.

They had no coinage, whereas those in the south-east had theirs, copied from a stater of Philip of Macedon.

The stater of Darius, usually called a daricus, was a gold coin of Persia.

And would you be happy if you had three talents of gold in your belly, a talent in your pate, and a stater in either eye?'

Something which is about the size of a stater is tied up in a small piece of leather: what it is, no one knows but the makers.