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The ERGO K860 splits the keyboard onto two sides of the same device so that each half of the keyboard is fully designed to maximize comfort in both of your hands and wrists.
The North American Development Bank, where both countries put money to invest in international projects, said fixes to both PB-1B and its sister, called PB-1A, would cost about $13 million and would be split 50-50.
The Gomes-Avila pairing should be far less than an even split.
In a Senate with a 50-50 split, Collins’ vote may be key for Levine to obtain confirmation.
Party leaders are always split over whether to pick its statewide nominees in conventions, which tend to favor more conservative candidates, or primaries, which tend to produce more moderate figures.
If so, then Ardi and her compatriots, who were close in size to chimps, most likely split their time between walking on all fours and moving through trees, he argued April 2019 in eLife.
You also need to split targets and KPIs for market share targets.
More than a year after the California Consumer Privacy Act took effect, publishers and programmatic ad sellers are still split on how they are required to comply with California’s privacy law.
They caught the bug for service and decided to split their time between home and decidedly unglamorous shared housing in Washington.
Within the group, Masons disagreed passionately about arcane rites and procedures, splitting into rival branches based on their beliefs.


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