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He said everything — community health data, facility preparedness, the staffing situation — spells a return to in-person instruction.
Thus, many educators reasonably teach a small set of high-frequency, irregularly spelled words as special cases.
Married for a spell to Ellen Barkin, he’s made a few appearances in the tabloids, too.
The rise in demand for flexible office space could also spell a future for repurposed storefronts.
I have no doubt Icahn knows all the numbers, but he appears to rely on instincts that tell him, I’ve seen this scenario before, and it always spells trouble.
In general, coronaviruses differ a bit from many others in that they have a viral version of spell-check.
Whether it's cover lines on your favorite magazine, the title of a new novel, or headlines on Ars and elsewhere, good display text should draw readers in and spell out what's coming.
That’s because I needed five COLUMNS words that could take the same clues as five other grid answers whose first letters would spell BINGO in order, and I wanted the words in the five Rows to be real, legitimate words in their own right.
Apple will begin spelling out what kinds of personal information is being collected by the digital services displayed in its app stores for iPhones and other products made by the trendsetting company.
It’s also short, easy to spell and can be used in branding for our businesses.


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