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In all, soil erosion will cause at least eight islands, seven of them in India, to simply vanish, displacing tens of thousands of people.
Another obstacle is the fact that much of the land on his books isn’t ready for planting yet and that soil preparation machinery is expensive and difficult to come by in Ghana.
The new result “tells you that if you want to grow plants on Mars using soil, you’re going to have to put in a lot of work to transform that material into something that plants can grow in,” Cannon says.
This same ability also makes mushrooms exceptional environmental remediators, ingesting the toxins and heavy metals that various industrial practices have leached into the soil.
Researchers hope bacteria may perhaps one day help us break down a patch lunar regolith into soil to grow space veggies or extract minerals used in life support systems that produce air and water.
Plus, Herrick suspects, the different jumpers probably have different effects on their soil’s chemistry.
NASA has already experimented with growing plants in space hydroponically — in water,without soil.
A 75-ton crane nudged into place to pick up the plant with its own minor continent of surrounding soil.
The team’s new material uses a mix of Martian soil and a compound found in fungi and the shells of crustaceans and insects.
The team then compared their analysis of the plots with microplastics to soils without the plastic.


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