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After reading the news on her phone, Allen was afraid to speak, smarting from what felt as visceral as a slap to the face.
The change can be as simple as slapping a second mask over the one you already wear, or better yet, donning a fabric mask on top of a surgical mask.
The ProGrip for MagSafe attaches to your phone magnetically, so when you want to slap it on a MagSafe charger, you simply pop off the PopSocket completely.
Of course, those models have much more complex audio components inside and can cost thousands of dollars, so it’s probably best not to slap them on for a run around the neighborhood.
Now that users have been formally invited to slap Microsoft Flight Simulator onto their faces, I must strongly urge users not to do so—or at least heavily temper their expectations.
So when a Progreso police officer stopped him on April 8 for violating state orders, Shawn assumed he’d get a slap on the wrist.
The early returns suggest that slapping them together may not be as smart as it first seemed.
Facebook was slapped with a big antitrust lawsuit on Wednesday detailing the company’s aggressive behavior that squashed competition.
It allows you to slap your phone onto the charger like you would with an Apple Watch—you just have to get it close and then it snaps into place.
“It’s a slap in the face to women,” says Soraya Chemaly, activist, writer and director of Women’s Media Center.


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