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With great technology, collaboration and a commitment to address the underlying cultural conditions and the ivory trade that leads to most elephant deaths, there’s a real chance to save these singular creatures.CAN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE GIVE ELEPHANTS A WINNING EDGE?WALTER THOMPSONNOVEMBER 20, 2020TECHCRUNCH
He is the only person to be an active participant in each of the Celtics’ 17 World Championships, an extraordinary and singular legacy.TOMMY HEINSOHN, A CELTICS INSTITUTION FOR MORE THAN A HALF-CENTURY, DIES AT 86MATT BONESTEELNOVEMBER 10, 2020WASHINGTON POST
In many ways, “The Life Ahead” brings Loren’s career full circle, once again casting her in a story animated by De Sica’s singular brand of humanism and compassion.WITH ‘THE LIFE AHEAD,’ SOPHIA LOREN IS APPROACHING HER 100TH MOVIE. SHE’S GOING FOR MUCH MORE.ANN HORNADAYNOVEMBER 5, 2020WASHINGTON POST
These past years, OnePlus has been my singular focus, and everything else has had to take a backseat.ONEPLUS CO-FOUNDER CARL PEI CONFIRMS HE HAS LEFT THE COMPANYMANISH SINGHOCTOBER 16, 2020TECHCRUNCH
“How do we take a singular voice and make it a voice of every man and woman,” Forbes asked herself and her collaborators.THREE FORMER HOWARD STUDENTS ARE TAKING ‘BETWEEN THE WORLD AND ME’ FROM THE BOOKSHELF TO HBOCMURRAYOCTOBER 9, 2020ESSENCE.COM
Instead, Armstrong wrote, Coinbase will maintain singular focus on creating a blockchain- and crypto-based alternative to the current financial system.COINBASE WANTS TO REJECT POLITICS. IT SHOULD ALREADY KNOW HOW RISKY THAT IS.DZANEMORRISSEPTEMBER 30, 2020FORTUNE
The study suggests that springtime blooms are the culmination of an extended period of growth that starts in winter, not a singular burst of activity as was thought.TRAPPED UNDER ICE, LIGHT-LOVING ALGAE GROW IN THE DARK ARCTIC WINTERJONATHAN LAMBERTSEPTEMBER 25, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
So our interpretation, the Streamliner, has a very singular case that stands out and adds something to this industry, rather than being a copycat of something that has been done for 45 years.A Q&A WITH THE PROVOCATIVE MIND BEHIND WATCHMAKER H. MOSERDANIEL BENTLEYSEPTEMBER 21, 2020FORTUNE
Nicknames among this class of poor whites in the South seem singularly like those in vogue in New England.RAMONAHELEN HUNT JACKSON
He saw that Marius had disappeared, and that mademoiselle had risen and was regarding him with singularly imploring eyes.ST. MARTIN'S SUMMERRAFAEL SABATINI


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