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Few, indeed, could do it properly, though the singles of some were very neat.

Hays, as you know, has that peculiar cross-fire delivery that singles him out among pitchers.

The machines will carry three as well as two, and even if we have, by some mischance to go up in singles, they'll carry double.

"A set of ten Chippendale singles with two armchairs will fetch almost anything you like nowadays," he added.

The match was to be at one-hundred balls—sixty singles, and twenty pairs of doubles.

The Adventures of Bobby OrdeStewart Edward White

Now we must give some attention to the others in the fours, singles and doubles.

"Singles" are cheeses from which some of the cream has been removed.

The Complete Book of CheeseRobert Carlton Brown

The point which Matthew Arnold singles out in estimating his character is the width of his sympathies. '

Victorian WorthiesGeorge Henry Blore

Boswell and the others, in the singles were being sent off after brief instructions.

Birds were seen as singles or in small groups flying over the reefs.

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