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The first time I read it, I made an involuntary sound of shock that made a friend demand to know what was wrong.
“It was a bit of a shock back then,” Jensen said when news broke that Bjerg had been signed, though mostly because he was one of the first players to be signed to a North American team from abroad.
Electrocoagulation is a process that shocks pathogens out of water using small amounts of electricity, which separates gross stuff from the pure water molecule.
The brutal, live-wire uncertainty of the pandemic’s first wave was a shock, but it spurred millions to adopt restrictions, driven by a sense of solidarity and fear.
Its power to absorb the shock of storms, prevent flooding, and trap salt is unmatched.
Some companies have made it a point to model prioritized risks, but they have often done so by looking at these shocks as discrete events.
Not every company or industry is exposed to these potential shocks to the same degree.
In a supernova remnant and in the experiment, a small number of particles are accelerated when they cross over the shock wave, going back and forth repeatedly to build up energy.
As the pandemic shock makes existing commercial properties less valuable — because workers and customers are afraid to return to them — their owners will struggle to roll over their mortgages.
“I wasn’t shocked by anything,” Carroll said, “even though the conclusions should be shocking to the people of Maine.”


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