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The 10-inch-deep shelf up top is a great place for placing plants, picture frames, keys, lamps, or any other odds and ends the space might require, too.
The empty supermarket shelves and shortages of medical supplies of recent months have driven home the fact that supply chain stability is not just a business issue.
Even when you’re anxious, you’re delivering those packages, stocking those shelves, and doing all that essential work so that all of us can keep moving forward.
It’s not the first product to be torn from shelves, physical or otherwise.
You can add robe hooks to the back of the door and install a hotel towel shelf above the commode where towels are out of the way but easily accessible.
Brands that had traditionally focused shopper marketing efforts on end-caps or shelves in stores have been looking for more holistic approaches to commerce planning to capture someone’s attention wherever they shop.
Brands that carried essential items saw their products flying off the virtual shelves, and in turn, faced unprecedented challenges in supply chain and logistics.
The moment when we went to the grocery store and we were looking for pasta or canned beef or even toilet paper and we saw the shelf was empty and we didn’t know how we were going to get our next supply.
A lot of what restaurants get every day is fresh, it’s not meant to sit around on a grocery shelf.
It is chemically stable and can last up to two years on the shelf.


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