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She said Eloy staff never cared about her or showed an iota of sensitivity.CUBAN DOCTOR CONTRACTS CORONAVIRUS IN ICE CUSTODYYARIEL VALDÉS GONZÁLEZSEPTEMBER 9, 2020WASHINGTON BLADE
When following our approach,5 the predictions regarding the generation of primordial gravity waves are so dramatically reduced that they would be undetectable by current methods and detector sensitivities.SCHRÖDINGER’S CAT WHEN NOBODY IS LOOKING - ISSUE 89: THE DARK SIDEDANIEL SUDARSKYAUGUST 26, 2020NAUTILUS
This body, made up of representatives from the federal government, will decide on the sensitivity of data and rule on any controversies.BRAZIL IS SLIDING INTO TECHNO-AUTHORITARIANISMTATE RYAN-MOSLEYAUGUST 19, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
Tuatara also appear to have an unusually high number of TRP genes, which are involved in making proteins tied to temperature sensitivity and regulation of body temperature.HOW TUATARA LIVE SO LONG AND CAN WITHSTAND COOL WEATHERJAKE BUEHLERAUGUST 5, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
It should and will take deep thought as to how to approach a trending topic with sensitivity.HOW TO USE TRENDING KEYWORDS FROM CURRENT EVENTS IN CONTENT MARKETINGGREGG SCHWARTZJULY 23, 2020SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
There’s a heightened sensitivity around these kinds of medications and substances, and making sure that they don’t get diverted in any way, shape, or form.THE OPIOID TRAGEDY, PART 1: “WE’VE ADDICTED AN ENTIRE GENERATION” (EP. 402)STEPHEN J. DUBNERJANUARY 16, 2020FREAKONOMICS
Never had Dalgard been so shut out and with that his sensitivity to the night, to the world about him, was doubly acute.STAR BORNANDRE NORTON
Sabo eased himself from the seat, tuning up his audios to their highest sensitivity, moving over to Brownie.DERELICTALAN EDWARD NOURSE
He tried listening with maximum sensitivity but there were only remote confused murmurs.THE SENSITIVE MANPOUL WILLIAM ANDERSON
Such sensitivity is duplicated frequently in persons who are hard of hearing, and whom, therefore, we are likely to doubt.CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGYHANS GROSS


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dissilientadjective | [dih-sil-ee-uhnt ]SEE DEFINITION