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University leaders also fear the government is underestimating the resources needed for the sustainability of the sector.
It is cliché in Silicon Valley to say the government’s technology lags far behind the private sector’s.
Because the public sector has chosen not to fund it, says Davidson, and the nonprofit sector can’t fund it.
In both states, wildfire emissions in 2020 have already surpassed those typically released by their power sectors over the course of an entire year.
Aviation, tourism, and hospitality sectors worldwide will benefit once a vaccine is available to the public, Chen argued, so companies in such industries should provide financial support to the development and distribution of a vaccine.
Democratic leaders have asked for more than $1 trillion for state and local governments, which they say is required to prevent looming public sector layoffs.
Even more is at stake for retailers in the holiday season this year given the precarious financial state of much of the sector.
Neighboring Togo built a digital cash transfer program called Novissi, providing monthly aid to informal sector workers.
The retail industry is the most prominent victim of Wall Street’s looting, but no sector is safe.
While that’s helped offset some of the loss in manufacturing jobs, the warehousing sector in Kenosha still employs considerably fewer people than the tens of thousands who were once supported by the city’s manufacturing industry.


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