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Then we actually started recording with Maya before we had finished writing all the episodes, so we were able to hear how she was reading and tweak the scripts to accommodate the narrator that she had created separately.
Next time you’ve got video content creation on the horizon, make sure you incorporate keywords into the script with this tip in mind, as it will pay off when it comes to video performance and SEO results in the long run.
No one wanted to pick up her script, so she produced it herself.
Hurst improved much of the dialogue and sketched almost 300 drawings on the script, one opposite every shot.
Los Angeles Chargers coaches would send him a script of plays and instruct him over video.
You’ll need to create scripts by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing New, then AutoHotKey Script.
Todbaum imagined it would be “the Game of Thrones of science fiction” and encouraged Sandy to endlessly revise their script.
What often happens is that there ends up being one or two people in the office who are comfortable with writing and editing code and then these people produce scripts and notebooks that everyone else runs.
If we look at how the scoring progressed in each of these contests, also known as game script, and how other teams performed in similar circumstances, the chances the Chargers would lose all four games is just 3 percent.
Campaigns and candidates are likely to continue to communicate via those networks using things like scripts and text templates to help supporters talk to their networks in private, unregulated spaces.


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