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That may diminish the scramble for shots, though it also means health officials and leaders will have to work harder to make sure they’re delivering shots to those who need them.
Unless you put it out the night before, it’s a bit of a scramble in the morning.
In the aftermath of the late-night scramble to get vaccinated, I felt a strange mix of relief and guilt.
Now it’s a little bit of a scramble to get the pipeline back in order.
You can also see it in how he anticipates his receivers’ improvisational scrambles.
The scramble for Özil’s services accelerated at the beginning of January, when he hit the six-month threshold before his Arsenal contract expires.
After a scramble involving a number of players from both sides, Cleveland’s Karl Joseph came away with the ball in the end zone for a stunning score.
Sure, they have a vague idea of where things are headed in the scramble to evolve beyond cookies — the main workhorse for all things ad tech — but they’re unsure of the final destination.
The razor-thin margin created by Democratic losses in November has prompted a vote-counting scramble in recent weeks as Pelosi’s lieutenants seek to ensure enough Democrats show up and cast their ballots for her fourth term as speaker.
With the Chargers down 28-26 at that point, they went for a two-point conversion with Taylor under center, but he was unable to run the ball into the end zone on a scramble.


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