Thesaurus / scary


It might seem scary to imagine getting infected by the coronavirus on purpose, but attenuated-virus vaccines are common.
Someone who uses fake names, fake addresses — it must be scary, or exciting, as filmmakers.
While a cancer diagnosis at any age is scary and disorienting, it extracts a particularly powerful psychological and social toll on young adults.
It has been surprising to me that we haven’t done better in our response, surprising and deeply saddening and scary.
The problem of China’s one-sided Internet policies and even scarier efforts requires a serious, unified global response.
That wasn’t scary, Millikan said, because there wasn’t even enough radium in the world to make very much popcorn.
Thirty-three states saw their caseloads increase this week, continuing a scary nationwide trend that’s been getting worse since mid-June.
I’ve come to accept the fact that we’re entering a scary time of profound change.
From this perspective, the scary possibility is that the moment of reckoning will come too late.
So, I felt like even though it was a little scary for me just to join the conversation and to have something to add, I think that there was power in those stories.


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