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The evidence is scarce, but since we don’t have more information, it’s better to be safe than sorry.HOW TO PREPARE FOR GETTING THE COVID-19 VACCINETARA SANTORAFEBRUARY 8, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
The last year was the clearest example yet of what can happen when we allow stable housing options to become scarce.COVID-19 CAUSED A RECESSION. SO WHY DID THE HOUSING MARKET BOOM?JERUSALEM DEMSASFEBRUARY 5, 2021VOX
Larger stones are more scarce, but a larger stone is not necessarily more valuable.HINTS FROM HELOISE: BEFORE BUYING A DIAMOND, LEARN ABOUT THE FOUR C’SHELOISE HELOISEFEBRUARY 4, 2021WASHINGTON POST
With vaccinations off to a rocky start globally, experts had been counting on a one-dose vaccine that would stretch scarce supplies and avoid the logistics nightmare of getting people to return for boosters.JOHNSON & JOHNSON’S SINGLE-DOSE COVID-19 VACCINE IS 66% EFFECTIVE, LAGGING RIVALSRACHEL SCHALLOMJANUARY 29, 2021FORTUNE
Food is scarce, and the rodents vigorously attack intruders from other colonies.NAKED MOLE-RAT COLONIES SPEAK WITH UNIQUE DIALECTSJONATHAN LAMBERTJANUARY 28, 2021SCIENCE NEWS
The District and other local governments in the Washington region tweaked their plans Wednesday to vaccinate seniors, people with high-risk conditions, teachers and other essential workers as residents scramble to find scarce doses of the vaccine.D.C. ALTERS VACCINE WEBSITE IN RESPONSE TO DEMAND AS RESIDENTS SCRAMBLE TO FIND DOSESJENNA PORTNOY, JULIE ZAUZMER, RACHEL CHASONJANUARY 27, 2021WASHINGTON POST
He now works as a driver, ferrying stuff from here to there, but even those jobs are scarce.WE COULD USE A PANDEMIC-ERA ROMANTIC COMEDY, BUT LOCKED DOWN ISN'T ITSTEPHANIE ZACHAREKJANUARY 15, 2021TIME
When she visits, everyone in my family makes themselves scarce and people are much shorter-tempered.CAROLYN HAX: A MOTHER-IN-LAW STAYS IN A HOTEL BECAUSE OF HER SON’S COMMENTSCAROLYN HAXJANUARY 14, 2021WASHINGTON POST
It said home price appreciation will reach its fastest pace since the Great Recession, as the inventory crunch continues to pit buyers against each other, competing for a scarce number of homes for sale.EXPERTS PREDICT WHAT THE 2021 HOUSING MARKET WILL BRINGKATHY ORTONJANUARY 11, 2021WASHINGTON POST
But, he said, “when you are stretched out beyond capacity, you can’t deliver the same quality care unless you create more skilled health care workers, and as we have found out, these are a scarce resource.”HOSPITAL ICUS ARE FILLING UP. IT’S EVEN WORSE THAN IT SOUNDS.KATHERINE HARMON COURAGEDECEMBER 24, 2020VOX


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