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The scamping business was not confined to houses or properties of an inferior class: it was the general rule.

He had hurried back to lunch, scamping it so that he might get to his piano for an hour of forgetfulness.

Saint's ProgressJohn Galsworthy

They detected some signs of "scamping," when her back was turned, so doubtless I was "an old hand!"

Yet so sure is his touch that in the mass of these hundreds of designs to Shakespeare you are not conscious of any scamping.

Whatever other causes there were, there could be no doubt that the hurrying and scamping was a very real one.

That's it, but what has that to do with the scare at the tunnel and the scamping?

That document also shows that there was occasional “scamping” by those employed in the work required to maintain the fabrics.

Sewers and drains being out of sight admit of a great amount of scamping work.

In fact, scamping the work was with this man a kind of mania.

His manual labour—for he worked alongside his men, and allowed no scamping or shirking—was over at dusk.

The Making of William EdwardsMrs. G. Linnaeus Banks

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