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I clawed at the scalding sand with my fingertips to ascend a steep, 45-degree slope and stumbled the last steps to the top.I TRIED TO CLIMB THE LARGEST SAND DUNE IN NORTH AMERICAEMILY PENNINGTONSEPTEMBER 22, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
His duty it was to stand at the head of the scalding trough, watch in hand, to "time" the length of the scald, crying "Hog in!"THE BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND BUDGET OF FUN;VARIOUS
He crouched, nerves and muscles tense, controled in spite of the torturous cloud of scalding vapor that pressed close to him.HOODED DETECTIVE, VOLUME III NO. 2, JANUARY, 1942VARIOUS
In the semi-darkness of the cell the steaming liquid overflows, scalding my bare feet.PRISON MEMOIRS OF AN ANARCHISTALEXANDER BERKMAN
He even shed some scalding tears in secret; though, to look at him, that seemed impossible.THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY, VOLUME 17, NO. 101, MARCH, 1866VARIOUS
I attempted to put my hand into one of them to the wrist, but could not get it in to the knuckles without scalding.JOURNAL OF A TRIP TO CALIFORNIA BY THE OVERLAND ROUTE ACROSS THE PLAINS IN 1850-51E. S. (ELEAZER STILLMAN) INGALLS
Knowing that Salt might be waiting for them, they swallowed the brew scalding hot and arose to leave.GHOST BEYOND THE GATEMILDRED A. WIRT
One gunboat received a shot through the boiler, which killed six men by scalding.THE HERO OF MANILAROSSITER JOHNSON
Let that get scalding hot; do not let it boil at all; simply let it get scalding hot—that is, let the steam begin to rise from it.A COURSE OF LECTURES ON THE PRINCIPLES OF DOMESTIC ECONOMY AND COOKERYJULIET CORSON
Change the water as often as it gets scalding hot, until the fish is tender.A COURSE OF LECTURES ON THE PRINCIPLES OF DOMESTIC ECONOMY AND COOKERYJULIET CORSON


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