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Sugar maple sap has one of the highest sugar concentrations of the maples.13 EDIBLE PLANTS YOU CAN STILL FIND IN THE WINTERBY TIM MACWELCH/OUTDOOR LIFEDECEMBER 1, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
It will take 30 to 50 quarts of sap to produce one quart of syrup, but it’s well worth the trouble.13 EDIBLE PLANTS YOU CAN STILL FIND IN THE WINTERBY TIM MACWELCH/OUTDOOR LIFEDECEMBER 1, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
If your test comes out okay, you can apply these instructions to removing sap from your walkway.NEED TO REMOVE SAP FROM ASPHALT? GET OUT THE HAND SANITIZER.JEANNE HUBERNOVEMBER 30, 2020WASHINGTON POST
“The milky sap is not dangerous to the touch and is a plant adaptation to trap small insects that are feeding on the plant itself,” said my friend Ben Hoksch, a Monarch researcher and wild food instructor in Ames, Iowa.ENVIRONMENT REPORT: PIPELINE PLAN TAKES A SMALL STEP FORWARD (WITH SOME DRAMA)MACKENZIE ELMERNOVEMBER 23, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
Bridgewater staff have learned to protect their chairs from falling tree sap, and replaced their screens and webcams with weather-resistant versions after the original ones failed within a couple of weeks of outdoor exposure.THE WORLD’S BIGGEST HEDGE FUND IS WORKING FROM TENTS IN THE FOREST DURING THE COVID PANDEMICJEN WIECZNERSEPTEMBER 21, 2020FORTUNE
All this bubbling of sap and slipping of sheaths and bursting of calyxes was carried to her on mingled currents of fragrance.SUMMEREDITH WHARTON
“You would sap the very source of human happiness and enterprise,” Professor Fortescue asserted, fantastically.THE DAUGHTERS OF DANAUSMONA CAIRD
But now the sap and the strength flow again within me,—now I am young once more.FIFTY CONTEMPORARY ONE-ACT PLAYSVARIOUS
Let the unopened leaves, cut from the stalk, stand in a cool shady place several days, until the sap has well run.PHILIPPINE MATSHUGO H. MILLER
Spring stole into the heart of the Wabash country and the sap sang again in maples and elms.A HOOSIER CHRONICLEMEREDITH NICHOLSON


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