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The water molecules would be too few and far between for astronauts to use, and the extremely salty soil would poison life as we know it.MARS’S MASCARA-LIKE STREAKS MAY BE CAUSED BY SLUSH AND LANDSLIDESCHARLIE WOODFEBRUARY 3, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
The result was at once sweet, spicy, crunchy and salty, and felt more like a main dish than a side.HOMEMADE CONDIMENTS, DRESSINGS AND TOPPINGS ARE A PATHWAY TO FAST, FLAVORFUL COOKINGTODD KLIMANFEBRUARY 2, 2021WASHINGTON POST
After a couple of weeks without any added salt, you will notice how salty your food has been.AMERICANS CAN’T CUT BACK ON SALT. ONE LIKELY REASON: PACKAGED AND PREPARED FOODS ARE FILLED WITH IT.MARLENE CIMONSJANUARY 31, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Their radicalization was right before our eyes, on social media and television, on bar stools and at our Thanksgiving tables, masquerading as politics and salty humor in memes, stickers and T-shirts.ALL THIS SECURITY IN D.C. TO THWART TERRORISM, YET THE THREAT CAME FROM WITHINPETULA DVORAKJANUARY 11, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Even though there was a ban on liquor, hundreds of taverns across the city covertly distributed alcohol and served free square, thin, salty bite-size slices of pizza to keep the guests drinking.IF YOU THINK DEEP DISH IS CHICAGO’S TRUE PIZZA, THINK AGAINJOSHUA EFERIGHEDECEMBER 11, 2020OZY
Our palates appreciate salt even when we don’t recognize a dish as salty.SALT: THE DIETARY DANGER THAT’S EASY TO IGNOREKAREN SANDSTROMDECEMBER 11, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Such salts in the soil can cause water to leave the plant and head toward the salty soil — a process called osmosis.HOW TO GROW YOUR OWN SCIENCE EXPERIMENTBETHANY BROOKSHIREDECEMBER 9, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
We cross over the bridges that span salty channels, oozy and redolent of ocean and sea-weed during the hours of ebb.THE PORTSMOUTH ROAD AND ITS TRIBUTARIESCHARLES G. HARPER
In mine and field and factory they had tasted the salty flavor of real things, and they built a school that has this flavor.THE IRON PUDDLERJAMES J. DAVIS
And how indispensable are the clear mountain streams to the sea, in pouring fresh water into its salty heart.THE UNITED SEASROBERT W. ROGERS


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