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Misagàsà ang sag-ub nga natumba sa batu, The bamboo container went crack when it fell on the stones.A DICTIONARY OF CEBUANO VISAYANJOHN U. WOLFF
Ikay nagsalsag sa sag-ub, You broke the bamboo tube water container into slivers.A DICTIONARY OF CEBUANO VISAYANJOHN U. WOLFF
It would persistently sag down in spots, and each of these spots became a reservoir from which would descend an icy stream.SI KLEGG, BOOK 2 (OF 6)JOHN MCELROY
This would sag downwards under its own weight in a fine curve till the tip rested on the snow beneath.THE HOME OF THE BLIZZARDDOUGLAS MAWSON
Dorn Hackett sat moodily upon his low bed in a little cell of Sag Harbor jail.BELFORD'S MAGAZINE, VOL. II, NO. 3, FEBRUARY 1889VARIOUS
The kind little gentleman helped me into the boat and bade me good-night, saying that he had yet to ride to Sag Harbor.BELFORD'S MAGAZINE, VOL. II, NO. 3, FEBRUARY 1889VARIOUS
If loosely held, the saw is bound to sag from side to side during the stroke, and a short stroke accentuates the lateral movement.PRACTICAL MECHANICS FOR BOYSJ. S. ZERBE
I think the bag of my line, which I could not avoid, allowed the lead to sag down and drag upon the bottom.TALES OF FISHESZANE GREY
Our next trap is a bear trap; it sets up in that little sag you see and in a spring that comes out of the side of the hill.FIFTY YEARS A HUNTER AND TRAPPERELDRED NATHANIEL WOODCOCK
The buggy would sag to one side and Sharon would be sitting "slaunchwise," as he called it.THE WRONG TWINHARRY LEON WILSON


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