Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


I thought then how unfortunate it was for a country to be ruled by the sabered politician.

He surrendered, and gave his name, and was immediately shot and sabered.

Several men in the extreme rear were sabered, but, of course, not killed.

Castillon had been sabered in the shoulder by the old Grand Duke; Duresnel was stunned and bruised but not wounded.

There men who have sabered or shot at and wounded each other have become fast friends and learned to feel their brotherhood.

Several were sabered, and the Kremlin was relieved of their presence.

It was a phrase that sabered the spider-webs of logical refinement, and held them up scornfully on the point.


type of single-edged sword, 1670s, from French sabre "heavy, curved sword" (17c.), alteration of sable (1630s), from German Sabel, Säbel, probably ultimately from Hungarian szablya "saber," literally "tool to cut with," from szabni "to cut."

The Balto-Slavic words (cf. Russian sablya, Polish szabla "sword, saber," Lithuanian shoble) perhaps also are from German. Italian sciabla seems to be directly from Hungarian. Saber-rattling "militarism" is attested from 1922. Saber-toothed cat (originally tiger) is attested from 1849.