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The procedure at the execution is governed by the act of 1868 and the Scottish Prison Rules, rr.

"I'll help ye to 'rr," she said from time to time, finding that no encouragement made him potent in speech.

Now the rate of motion of RR is determined by the actual figure at the moment.

The modified sides (rr) for convenience sake, have been called the radii; they invariably overlap the adjoining compartments.

RR represent impedance coils connected serially in the line and placed at terminal stations.

The regulating button is shown attached to the rail by the regulating screw which is turned by means of its ring on top of Rr.

Piano TuningJ. Cree Fischer

It is virtually certain that RR Centauri is a case of an eclipsing binary system, and that the two stars are close together.

Darwin and Modern ScienceA.C. Seward and Others

This is divided by partitions of peculiar form into four vessels of equal capacity, and dips into a closed water reservoir, RR'.

Metathesis of r is seen in unwerste 134; rr is simplified in for 328.

Obviously if the stars had been assumed to be ellipsoids they would have been found to overlap, as was the case for RR Centauri.

Darwin and Modern ScienceA.C. Seward and Others