Thesaurus / route


Those industries would later build several dams along the route to provide hydroelectric power.
Well, the company going through the direct route is likely to pay fewer fees as they are hiring bankers as advisors rather than underwriters.
That route relies on a protein-cutting enzyme called TMPRSS2 to snip the knobby-looking spike protein studding the virus’s surface.
Visitors can walk or ride the Towpath Trail to follow the historic route of the Ohio & Erie Canal.
Those that didn’t take the layoffs route cut salaries for their employees.
Some brands that don’t normally have sales and promotions are starting to go that route for the first time, according to Madoff, but they are not being overtly upfront about it.
Lockdowns have left many with time to plan routes and strategies for an FKT.
Even as TuSimple maps routes across the country, its competitors will be doing the same thing.
Understanding how different groups are reacting is crucial to both maintaining compliance and planning our best route out.
So you cashed out, then took the nonprofit route to try to inspire other people to become entrepreneurs in places where there wasn’t a lot of drive for that already.


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