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They found that asphalt from roofs and roads may contribute as much secondary organic compounds as all the vehicles in the region on an annual basis.CITY PAVEMENT IS A BIG SOURCE OF AIR POLLUTIONULA CHROBAKSEPTEMBER 3, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
The major horizontal roof beam, oriented east-west, is called “the sun’s path.”AN ANCIENT SITE WITH HUMAN SKULLS ON DISPLAY - ISSUE 89: THE DARK SIDEJO MARCHANTSEPTEMBER 2, 2020NAUTILUS
He had a cinder-block wall around the tank, so the heat wasn’t blowing toward his house, but the eaves of the roof caught on fire in the last five minutes before the tank stopped burning.HOW WE SAVED OUR NEIGHBORHOOD FROM A WILDFIREDAIN ZAFFKESEPTEMBER 2, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
Creating such “cool roofs” across 80% of the nation’s commercial buildings could cut annual energy use by more than 10 terawatt-hours and save more than $700 million, according to an earlier study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.AIR CONDITIONING TECHNOLOGY IS THE GREAT MISSED OPPORTUNITY IN THE FIGHT AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGEJAMES TEMPLESEPTEMBER 1, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
Stupid young people went back to trying to jump into pools from their roofs.TEAM REOPEN: 2, SCHOOLS: 0SCOTT LEWISAUGUST 31, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
Electric carmaker Tesla is also building solar power-generating roof tiles.SCIENTISTS FOUND A WAY TO TURN BRICKS INTO BATTERIESEDD GENTAUGUST 17, 2020SINGULARITY HUB 
Sullivan was quick to dismiss claims that rankings would go through the roof once the new “hint” model was released.WHAT GOOGLE SAYS ABOUT NOFOLLOW, SPONSORED, AND UGC LINKS IN 2020: DOES IT AFFECT YOUR SEO RANKINGS?JOSEPH DYSONJULY 24, 2020SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
My wife and I have been able to keep our jobs, we have a roof over our heads and both of our children have been able to attend daycare.THE CORONAVIRUS IS SERIOUS, AND SO IS THE THREAT TO SMALL BUSINESSESCHRIS CATEJULY 15, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
The Pontellier and Ratignolle compartments adjoined one another under the same roof.THE AWAKENING AND SELECTED SHORT STORIESKATE CHOPIN
Even as they gazed they saw its roof caught up, and whirled off as if it had been a scroll of paper.THE GIANT OF THE NORTHR.M. BALLANTYNE


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