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Finger-length rolls are reassuringly bundled in brown paper sleeves.NOW THAT’S ROOM SERVICE: WHAT IT’S LIKE TO CHECK INTO A HOTEL JUST FOR DINNERTOM SIETSEMAFEBRUARY 12, 2021WASHINGTON POST
This roll out began on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, in the afternoon Pacific Time for queries in the US in English.GOOGLE GOES DARK THEME AND PASSAGE RANKING SEES THE LIGHT: FRIDAY’S DAILY BRIEFBARRY SCHWARTZFEBRUARY 12, 2021SEARCH ENGINE LAND
Looking back through my camera roll, it’s striking how quickly, and how persistently, I tried to weasel around these orders.SIX MONTHS OF SOFT FOOD SET ME FREEMEGHAN MCCARRONFEBRUARY 2, 2021EATER
Market forces and monopolies aside, there are few other, more tangible barriers to a widespread renewable roll out.SOLAR POWER GOT CHEAP. SO WHY AREN’T WE USING IT MORE?ULA CHROBAKJANUARY 28, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
As Google continues to expand these, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these roll out to new industries in 2021.HOW ARE LOCAL SERVICE ADS IMPACTING GOOGLE ADS ACCOUNTS?JOY HAWKINSJANUARY 26, 2021SEARCH ENGINE LAND
Of course, 2021 has delivered another round of difficulties with the insurrection at the Capitol building, a new strain of the coronavirus and a less than stellar roll out of vaccines.MARKETING BRIEFING: MARKETERS AND AGENCY EXECS ARE HOPING FOR MORE OPTIMISM POST-INAUGURATIONKRISTINA MONLLOSJANUARY 19, 2021DIGIDAY
Georgia’s polling locations have been cut by almost 10% since 2013 even as there have been an almost two million people added to the voting rolls, according to an analysis by ProPublica and Georgia Public Broadcasting.AFTER GEORGIA FLIPS BLUE, VOTING RIGHTS ADVOCATES BRACE FOR NEW VOTING RESTRICTIONSSANYA MANSOORJANUARY 14, 2021TIME
It also features a self-cleaning brush roll and a totally sealed HEPA filter for protection against allergens.BEST VACUUM CLEANER: HOW TO TIDY UP FASTCHARLOTTE MARCUSJANUARY 14, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
The bill also brings back weekly enhanced federal unemployment benefits for the more than 19 million Americans still on unemployment benefit rolls.STIMULUS UPDATE: WHEN TO EXPECT $600 CHECKS AND $300 ENHANCED UNEMPLOYMENT PAYMENTSLANCE LAMBERTJANUARY 2, 2021FORTUNE
I actually spent August 27 scrolling through my photo roll and painstakingly crafting a treacly Instagram post about what living in the city has meant to me over the past decade.THE MONEY WE DIDN’T SPEND IN 2020VOX STAFFDECEMBER 31, 2020VOX


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