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In an earlier experiment, I showed that sugar seed crystals are important for making rock candy.BUILD ICE TOWERS WITH BOTTLED WATER AND ICEBETHANY BROOKSHIRESEPTEMBER 16, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
She was confident, she was outspoken, she was kind of the queen of the underground New York rock music scene.INSIDE ‘I AM WOMAN’: A NEW BIOPIC TELLS THE STORY OF HELEN REDDY AND HER FAMOUS SONGRADMARYASEPTEMBER 10, 2020FORTUNE
Those wingbeats also caused bodies of the tiny, coiled shell species and the midsize, long shell snails to rock back and forth as they swam.SEA BUTTERFLIES’ SHELLS DETERMINE HOW THE SNAILS SWIMMARIA TEMMINGSEPTEMBER 8, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
They are very similar to the rocks that may have formed our planet billions of years ago.SCIENTISTS SAY: ASTEROID, METEOR AND METEORITEBETHANY BROOKSHIRESEPTEMBER 7, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
This 14-inch rocking pizza cutter will give you restaurant quality cut slices.PIZZA CUTTERS THAT WILL GET YOU THE SLICE OF YOUR DREAMSPOPSCI COMMERCE TEAMSEPTEMBER 2, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
I got rocked by 20 yellow jackets in my pants, I burned my hands from grabbing hot things.HOW WE SAVED OUR NEIGHBORHOOD FROM A WILDFIREDAIN ZAFFKESEPTEMBER 2, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
That’s after the Fed’s big policy shift on inflation yesterday more or less locks in for the foreseeable future this era of rock-bottom interest rates.WHY THE FED’S HUGE POLICY SHIFT ON INFLATION COULD BE ROCKET FUEL FOR STOCKSBERNHARD WARNERAUGUST 28, 2020FORTUNE
Elizabeth Williams is Atlanta’s defensive rock and is posting the best true shooting percentage of her career, while Monique Billings, who has scored in double figures in four of her past five games, is the league’s leader in rebounding percentage.THERE’S NO WNBA ALL-STAR GAME THIS YEAR, BUT WE PICKED THE ROSTERS ANYWAYHOWARD MEGDALAUGUST 26, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
Now, astronomers have caught one morphing from one type of space rock to the other, potentially giving scientists an unprecedented chance to watch a comet form in real time in the decades to come.IN A FIRST, ASTRONOMERS SPOTTED A SPACE ROCK TURNING INTO A COMETLISA GROSSMANAUGUST 18, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Perhaps with the rush of spacecraft this year, and the plans to bring red rocks home, scientists will finally learn whether Mars ever did — or does — host alien life.THE PERSEVERANCE ROVER CAPS OFF A MONTH OF MARS LAUNCHESLISA GROSSMANJULY 30, 2020SCIENCE NEWS


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