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From person to person, immune responses to an infection develop along a spectrum, with some people mounting robust, protective responses and others being left with weaker responses.
Vaccines, however, might trigger a more robust immune response.
Pirofski says it’s easier to feel confident about the answers to these questions when there are robust clinical trials with placebo controls.
Vaccines, however, might trigger a more robust immune response and help protect populations by providing herd immunity.
Rebekah Kondrat, founder of consultancy Kondrat Retail said that in her experience, while all retailers have some form of de-escalation training, DTC startups opening stores for the first time often don’t have robust enough de-escalation training.
When it comes to building a robust marketing strategy, most beginner entrepreneurs have nothing to start off with except expert advice they find on digital marketing blogs, let alone the idea of customer journey mapping.
Google is far more powerful and robust than we realize or give it credit for.
Use the steps above to create a robust social media presence then audit and tweak it to perfection.
Plus, a robust FAQ page that’s marked up properly might receive a rich result on the search and action on the Google Assistant, dramatically expanding your reach.
“In the absence of robust herd immunity at the population level,” he says, “we have some risk of a second wave of the epidemic.”


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