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A single volunteer’s illness has sparked a temporary halt to the late-stage clinical trial of a leading coronavirus vaccine, an action that highlights the level of rigor needed to ensure that a vaccine is safe and effective, experts say.HERE’S WHAT PAUSING THE ASTRAZENECA-OXFORD CORONAVIRUS VACCINE TRIAL REALLY MEANSAIMEE CUNNINGHAMSEPTEMBER 9, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
There are intense physical rigors involved in riding a rocket into orbit and living in microgravity for more than a few days.WHEN WILL WE SEE ORDINARY PEOPLE GOING INTO SPACE?NEEL PATELSEPTEMBER 9, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
You want something that will stand up to the rigors of the great outdoors, but won’t weigh you down.HYDRATION BLADDERS FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURESPOPSCI COMMERCE TEAMSEPTEMBER 1, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
It’s hard to imagine a successful program of making a non-scientifically trained public interested in adopting the rigors of scientific habits of mind.HOW PSEUDOSCIENTISTS GET AWAY WITH IT - FACTS SO ROMANTICSTUART FIRESTEINAUGUST 28, 2020NAUTILUS
The results have been posted online but not yet published in a medical journal, and theydon’t have the same rigor as a clinical trial, which typically compares a treatment to the standard of care.TRUMP’S PUSH TO APPROVE COVID-19 CONVALESCENT PLASMA TREATMENT COULD DELAY EFFORTS TO BETTER UNDERSTAND ITCLAIRE ZILLMAN, REPORTERAUGUST 24, 2020FORTUNE
It’s the lack of unspoken cues and the rigor that tech communication requires you to follow especially in large groups.THE PANDEMIC PROBLEM TECH CAN’T SOLVE: PHYSICAL TOUCHDANIELLE ABRILAUGUST 23, 2020FORTUNE
The high-school seniors were judged for the scientific rigor of their projects, their problem-solving ability and their potential to become research leaders.FOR TEENS, BIG PROBLEMS MAY LEAD TO MEANINGFUL RESEARCHCAROLYN WILKEJULY 28, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
Every rigor of hard fare, and severe usage, was inexorably brought upon him.THE PASTOR'S FIRE-SIDE VOL. 3 OF 4JANE PORTER
It is true that the chancellor, who presided at that judgment, treated the illustrious captive with too much rigor.A PHILOSOPHICAL DICTIONARY, VOLUME 1 (OF 10)FRANOIS-MARIE AROUET (AKA VOLTAIRE)
Besides this, the long continuance of the potests is in itself a proof that its rigor was more apparent than real.THE PRIVATE LIFE OF THE ROMANSHAROLD WHETSTONE JOHNSTON


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