Antonyms for ridging

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Then slice one cucumber, after peeling and ridging the sides, season with salt and pepper, and lay in vinegar for a moment.

In ridging out the plants, one thing must be attended to in the preparation of the bed, which has not been before mentioned.

The latter plowings are toward the rows, the effort being by ridging to give a long blanched surface to the shoots.

The same principle as the ridging of a shield to relieve the plain surface was also applied to the ordinaries upon it.

In some sections, however, where the land is flat and full of water, ridging seems necessary if the land cannot be drained.

Ridging the land tends to lessen the amount of moisture in the soil because it increases the evaporating surface.

There are occasional fields of sainfoin and of turnips; but these latter are small, and no ridging or hurdling is yet practised.

For a second I writhed, then the muscles of my back responded, and I felt them ridging and swelling in resistance.

The grower of green asparagus has about the same work, less the ridging and plowing down.

The Ridging Box, or Baitana, is used for raising low ridges on the flat to retain the water for irrigation purposes.