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But they all possess that essential purity and richness of tone without which there is no real excellence.VIOLINS AND VIOLIN MAKERSJOSEPH PEARCE
These delicate creatures were scarcely four inches long, and surpassed in richness of colour anything I had ever seen.A WOMAN'S JOURNEY ROUND THE WORLDIDA PFEIFFER
His Flutiness the Duke—the title was granted last Candlemas—has a voice of a rare richness.FIRST PLAYSA. A. MILNE
Every time I pass through a grove in Brazil, I see new flowers and plants, and a richness of vegetation that seems inexhaustible.JOURNAL OF A VOYAGE TO BRAZILMARIA GRAHAM
The Félibres put forth great claims for the richness of their vocabulary, and they undoubtedly exaggerate.FRDRIC MISTRALCHARLES ALFRED DOWNER
The gold mines of Montana, on the head-waters of the Missouri, are hardly surpassed for richness by any in the world.THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY, VOLUME 17, NO. 101, MARCH, 1866VARIOUS
The chesnut-tree, so common in France, is perhaps unrivalled in its richness of foliage.TRAVELS THROUGH THE SOUTH OF FRANCE AND THE INTERIOR OF PROVINCES OF PROVENCE AND LANGUEDOC IN THE YEARS 1807 AND 1808LT-COL. PINKNEY
If milk from different cows be set in these, the depth of the cream will indicate their comparative richness.DOMESTIC ANIMALSRICHARD L. ALLEN
She had only put a little powder on her hair and drawn its curling richness into a seemly knot.COUNTRY NEIGHBORSALICE BROWN
Some idea can be formed of it from the following engravings, though, of course, the full effect of its richness and color is lost.A SUMMARY HISTORY OF THE PALAZZO DANDOLOANONYMOUS


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