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The 11-page report released to Voice of San Diego this week doesn’t make a sweeping assessment of MTS’s enforcement approach, but rather lists suggestions that reviewers made after a late October visit to San Diego.MTS REVIEW RECOMMENDS CHANGES, BUT STOPS SHORT OF SWEEPING ASSESSMENTSLISA HALVERSTADTFEBRUARY 5, 2021VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
Her current career as a self-employed writer, editor and reviewer allows her to support causes she believes in without jeopardizing her job or worrying about clients’ perceptions.WHEN FREE SPEECH CLASHES WITH KEEPING YOUR JOBKARLA MILLERJANUARY 21, 2021WASHINGTON POST
The easy-to-use nature of the platforms means that sellers can quickly create and upload a design, forcing e-commerce players to beef up content reviewers, and try to navigate a complex social climate without censoring other creators.‘ON A LEARNING CURVE HERE’: E-COMMERCE PLATFORMS STILL STRUGGLING WITH HATEFUL LISTINGSERIKA WHELESSJANUARY 14, 2021DIGIDAY
Some reviewers found the new iPhone 12 reaching download speeds of almost 3GB per second under the right conditions.LOOK OUT FOR THESE NEW SMARTPHONE FEATURES IN 2021AARON PRESSMANDECEMBER 26, 2020FORTUNE
During the peer-review process of both grant proposals and research papers, scientists – as editors and reviewers – have an opportunity to encourage responsible specimen archival.HOW FOSSIL PRESERVATION AND PUBLIC HEALTH ARE INTERTWINEDBY COLELLA & MCLEAN/THE CONVERSATIONDECEMBER 18, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
When the comments came back, one reviewer basically said I had no idea what I was doing.CATHERINE DULAC FINDS BRAIN CIRCUITRY BEHIND SEX-SPECIFIC BEHAVIORSCLAUDIA DREIFUSDECEMBER 14, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
That company is Supergreat, a two-year-old, New York-based site for beauty enthusiasts that’s building a community of visitors who become reviewers, who then become shoppers.BENCHMARK FILLS OUT ITS, YES, BENCH, WITH MILES GRIMSHAWCONNIE LOIZOSDECEMBER 11, 2020TECHCRUNCH
One of the blurbed reviewers on the book’s cover describes it as the single book one needs to read to understand Pakistan.REVISITING PAKISTAN’S TANGLE OF CONTRADICTIONS AND VIOLENCEBILAL QURESHIDECEMBER 11, 2020WASHINGTON POST
This mutual respect between reviewers and birders tracks with offline birding etiquette, but sometimes interactions can turn to rudeness.HOW EBIRD CHANGED BIRDING FOREVERJESSIE WILLIAMSONDECEMBER 4, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
For this model, about 20 percent of the reviewers gave only one or two stars, and a great many of them complained about the same issue you’ve experienced.WHY DOES THE PAINT KEEP PEELING ON MY BATHROOM VANITY?JEANNE HUBERNOVEMBER 23, 2020WASHINGTON POST


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