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I am resolute that we’re going to make progress, so if there are more things we can do to hasten that, we certainly will look at those.GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM SAYS CALIFORNIA IS CRACKING DOWN ON OIL SPILLS. BUT OUR REPORTING SHOWS MANY ARE STILL FLOWING.BY JANET WILSON, THE DESERT SUNSEPTEMBER 24, 2020PROPUBLICA
Tonight, he left much of that baggage behind, giving a masterful performance that was strong, resolute and even hopeful.JOE BIDEN APPEALED TO 2 DIFFERENT AUDIENCES IN HIS ACCEPTANCE SPEECH – 2 EXPERTS DISCUSS WHICH PUNCHES LANDEDLGBTQ-EDITORAUGUST 22, 2020NO STRAIGHT NEWS
At our core, charitable organizations are powered by the fires of idealism and a resolute belief in humanity’s kinder attributes.WHY A YEAR LATER, THE BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE’S UPDATED STATEMENT OF PURPOSE IS MORE RELEVANT THAN EVERJAKEMETHAUGUST 19, 2020FORTUNE
But, instead of following up their victory, the half-resolute rioters camped near Guadalupe for the night.THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDSJOHN FOREMAN
A resolute push for quite a short period now might reconstruct the entire basis of our collective human life.THE SALVAGING OF CIVILISATIONH. G. (HERBERT GEORGE) WELLS
They walked silently down the lane together, Gilbert sullen and mortified, Dorothy pitying but resolute.THE WORLD BEFORE THEMSUSANNA MOODIE
Leo II, pope, died; an able and resolute pontiff; established the kiss of peace at the mass, and the use of holy water.THE EVERY DAY BOOK OF HISTORY AND CHRONOLOGYJOEL MUNSELL
Lady Kirton's last words halted, for his look startled even her in its resolute sternness.ELSTER'S FOLLYMRS. HENRY WOOD
It was a little haughty like her own, but the smile was very sweet, the features resolute and strong just now.THE WEIGHT OF THE CROWNFRED M. WHITE
Some little time elapsed before a big man with a fine, resolute face came into the hall.THE WEIGHT OF THE CROWNFRED M. WHITE


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