Thesaurus / resistant


The question of whether some form of that law might apply to real-world fluids and gases remained stubbornly resistant to all analysis and experiment.
The wheel is made from rust-resistant, 430 stainless steel that is going to stay sharp longer.
It’s made of high-quality bamboo which is covered in a thin layer of lacquer to keep it water-resistant.
There’s a bit of evidence from a HotShot-funded study published by Penn State researchers in 2017 that this jolt to the nerves makes your muscles a little more cramp-resistant and shortens the duration of cramps stimulated in the lab.
A decade or so ago, David Brenner, a professor of radiation biophysics at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York began thinking about the problem of drug-resistant bacteria.
The egg parents’ history with antibiotics has raised concerns that egg releases might encourage the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
The discovery was celebrated, and his method of breeding for resistant plants is still widely used today.
The first hint that antibiotic-resistant bacteria in livestock can jump to humans came in 1976, when scientists found higher levels of such bacteria in the guts of farmers who fed antibiotics to chickens than in those farmers’ neighbors.
Those logical qubits become the error-resistant qubits of the final computer.
They are the most resistant to the hazel blight of anything that I have worked with so far in 25 years.


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