Thesaurus / reproduction


Our value of “R,” or the reproduction number of the virus, which Chancellor Angela Merkel has used frequently in public addresses, is still something we calculate and report on a daily basis.
For example, sexual reproduction is the most familiar to us and involves a genetic mix and match.
He says the goal is to keep the virus’s reproduction number, called R, below 1, meaning every person with the virus infects fewer than one other.
A third new showed direct evidence for the first time that the drug halts the reproduction of the SARS-CoV-2.
This is defined by the particular germ’s basic reproduction number.
Deprived of friction with other minds, he was slower than his social prototype in the reproduction of the epochs.
The mode of the increase, reproduction and death of these animals is still unknown to naturalists.
Again, we find that early maturity, the season of reproduction and longevity are transmitted to corresponding periods of life.
For it would seem to be a law of vegetal growth that reproduction should begin in decomposition and decay.
In some forms (Cœnurus, Echinococcus) reproduction by budding takes place at this stage.


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