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There are 74 individuals left, mostly males and non-reproducing females.IS IT TOO LATE FOR THE SOUTHERN RESIDENT ORCAS?CATHERINE DENARDOFEBRUARY 3, 2021OUTSIDE ONLINE
A test may not be able to detect the virus early in its courseEarly in an infection, the virus may not have reproduced enough to be detectable.THREE REASONS A NEGATIVE CORONAVIRUS TEST DOESN’T NECESSARILY MEAN YOU’RE NOT INFECTEDMARISA IATIJANUARY 14, 2021WASHINGTON POST
The vast majority of animal species reproduce sexually, but females of some species are able to produce eggs containing all the genetic material required for reproduction.PARTHENOGENESIS: HOW FEMALES FROM SOME SPECIES CAN REPRODUCE WITHOUT MALESARS CONTRIBUTORSDECEMBER 26, 2020ARS TECHNICA
They are strengthening the viability of that child to go on and reproduce by nurturing it.OUTWITTING THE GRIM REAPER - ISSUE 94: EVOLVINGKEVIN BERGERDECEMBER 23, 2020NAUTILUS
We wanted to share our code so others can reproduce and explore it on their own.BRAND REPUTATION AND THE IMPACT OF GOOGLE SERP SELECTIONSJR OAKESDECEMBER 23, 2020SEARCH ENGINE LAND
The technology’s promise is to reproduce the flavor and texture of meat without harming animals, and without the huge environmental costs of rearing them.YOUR FIRST LAB-GROWN BURGER IS COMING SOON—AND IT’LL BE “BLENDED”KATIE MCLEANDECEMBER 18, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
That’s not to say the critters fit in seamlessly, or that they should be allowed to reproduce and spread in the area unchecked.THERE’S NO STOPPING THIS IMMORTAL JELLYFISHPOPSCI STAFFDECEMBER 9, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
These colors aren’t harmful or helpful, so all the birds have the same chance of reproducing.HOW NEUTRAL THEORY ALTERED IDEAS ABOUT BIODIVERSITYCHRISTIE WILCOXDECEMBER 8, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
They want to see how well the experimental machine can reproduce a simple pattern of bars and stripes.QUANTUM COMPUTING IS ENTERING A NEW DIMENSIONRHHACKETTFORTUNEDECEMBER 3, 2020FORTUNE
He then asked it to reproduce Street View images in the style of neighborhoods where public health was good.AI PLANNERS IN MINECRAFT COULD HELP MACHINES DESIGN BETTER CITIESWILL HEAVENSEPTEMBER 22, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW


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