Thesaurus / reproach


It’s enough to make you paranoid — or, at least, make you consider that no one, not even the people we choose to trust, is entirely above reproach.I CAN’T TRUST MY NEW CO-WORKER, AND I HAVE A LIST OF REASONS. HOW DO I TELL MANAGEMENT?KARLA MILLERFEBRUARY 11, 2021WASHINGTON POST
"It is good to pray here," she said, in a tone the mildness and sincerity of which made the reproach more cutting.BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE, VOLUME 60, NO. 372, OCTOBER 1846VARIOUS
The inheritance of the children of sinners shall perish, and with their posterity shall be a perpetual reproach.THE BIBLE, DOUAY-RHEIMS VERSIONVARIOUS
For better is the iniquity of a man, than a woman doing a good turn, and a woman bringing shame and reproach.THE BIBLE, DOUAY-RHEIMS VERSIONVARIOUS
The keen resentment had faded from his face, but an immense reproach was there—a heavy, helpless, appealing reproach.CONFIDENCEHENRY JAMES
All the criminals go about and take their pleasure, thus occasioning much reproach.THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS, 1493-1898, VOLUME XX, 1621-1624VARIOUS
And I will bring an everlasting reproach upon you, and a perpetual shame which shall never be forgotten.THE BIBLE, DOUAY-RHEIMS VERSIONVARIOUS
He will feel sorry and awkward enough, without reproach, sullenness, or cold looks from you.THE LADIES' BOOK OF ETIQUETTE, AND MANUAL OF POLITENESSFLORENCE HARTLEY
The courage of Vergniaud was above suspicion, and his integrity above reproach.MADAME ROLAND, MAKERS OF HISTORYJOHN S. C. ABBOTT
And now we cannot open our mouths: we are become a shame, and a reproach to thy servants, and to them that worship thee.THE BIBLE, DOUAY-RHEIMS VERSIONVARIOUS


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