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Researchers say the movement began coalescing online in 2019 as people — mostly young men — angry with what they perceived to be increasing government repression, found each other on Facebook groups and in private chats.THE BOOGALOO BOIS HAVE GUNS, CRIMINAL RECORDS AND MILITARY TRAINING. NOW THEY WANT TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT.BY A.C. THOMPSON, PROPUBLICA, AND LILA HASSAN AND KARIM HAJJ, FRONTLINEFEBRUARY 1, 2021PROPUBLICA
American parents are not going to accept indoctrination in our schools, cancel culture at work, or the repression of traditional faith, culture and values in the public square.ELECTION LIVE UPDATES: TRUMP RETURNS TO WISCONSIN; BIDEN TO FACE LIVE AUDIENCE AT TOWN HALLCOLBY ITKOWITZ, FELICIA SONMEZ, JOHN WAGNERSEPTEMBER 17, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Autocratic regimes are far more likely to use these instruments for repression, but democracies sometimes use them to curb civil rights too.COVID-19 AND THE GEOPOLITICS OF AMERICAN DECLINEKATIE MCLEANAUGUST 19, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
He has relied on a mixture of repression and elite loyalty, but also, to an extent, popular support.BELARUS ELECTION: CONTESTED RESULT SPARKS MASSIVE UNREST AS EUROPE’S ‘LAST DICTATOR’ CLAIMS VICTORYLGBTQ-EDITORAUGUST 12, 2020NO STRAIGHT NEWS
Now, the fear is palpable—citizens are comparing the air of repression to the cultural revolution, and professors are being fired from universities for advocating democracy.LET HONG KONG REFUGEES INTO THE USTIM FERNHOLZJULY 30, 2020QUARTZ
Not that those stolid agriculturists required much repression.THE PORTSMOUTH ROAD AND ITS TRIBUTARIESCHARLES G. HARPER
Cavour's double play and the cruel repression of the Genoese plot left him bitterer than ever against the monarchy and its men.THE LIFE OF MAZZINIBOLTON KING
As we follow the sessions of the Assembly we find acts for the repression of litigation renewed three times in five years.A SHORT HISTORY OF RHODE ISLANDGEORGE WASHINGTON GREENE
But the war brought worse than an arrest of progress; it brought repression of freedom and a tremendous load of debt.THE POLITICAL HISTORY OF ENGLAND - VOL. X.WILLIAM HUNT
Calavius was furious and paused, as if to give orders for harsher repression.THE LION'S BROODDUFFIELD OSBORNE


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