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He witnessed repellent people spreading images of child sexual exploitation, flooding an affiliated image board so thoroughly that it had to be shut down.THEDONALD’S OWNER SPEAKS OUT ON WHY HE FINALLY PULLED PLUG ON HATE-FILLED SITECRAIG TIMBERG, DREW HARWELLFEBRUARY 5, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Down is certainly a good product when used properly, packs down tighter than synthetic insulation, however, despite major advancements in moisture-repellent treatments for down, it’s just not as foolproof.DRESS LIKE AN ALASKAN TO WEATHER THE WINTER COLDBY TYLER FREEL/OUTDOOR LIFEJANUARY 20, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
Questions have swirled about how such an important government building, with so many security agencies available to assist, could be overcome by a mob of people wielding bats, bear repellent, and brute force.INSPECTORS GENERAL OF SEVERAL FEDERAL AGENCIES OPEN SWEEPING REVIEW OF SECURITY, INTELLIGENCE SURROUNDING CAPITOL ATTACKDEVLIN BARRETT, MISSY RYANJANUARY 15, 2021WASHINGTON POST
The insects have a hard, water-repellent outer covering called a cuticle, and can typically float on a liquid — and sure enough, the insects floated and fed without a problem.FIRE ANTS BUILD LITTLE SYPHONS OUT OF SAND TO FEED WITHOUT DROWNINGAAYUSHI PRATAPOCTOBER 20, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
A small strip of a water-repellent material separated the three sections, each treated with proteins to sense a different antibody.A GLOWING NEW WAY TO MEASURE ANTIBODIESSID PERKINSSEPTEMBER 30, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
The images and pictures on the outside of the wall were made repellent, to keep strangers aloof.CHAUCER'S WORKS, VOLUME 1 (OF 7) -- ROMAUNT OF THE ROSE; MINOR POEMSGEOFFREY CHAUCER
He was an exceedingly handsome man of perhaps forty years of age, and yet there was something repellent in his features.THE EVERLASTING ARMSJOSEPH HOCKING
But Rosa had been too coy to Alfred's evident devotion—almost repellent at seasons.AT LASTMARION HARLAND
It was trim and neat, indeed, and spotlessly clean; but it had the chill, repellent look of an uninhabited apartment.A CHARMING FELLOW, VOLUME II (OF 3)FRANCES ELEANOR TROLLOPE
They had the curious tattooing on their cheeks, noses and foreheads, so that their appearance was repellent.ADRIFT ON THE PACIFICEDWARD S. ELLIS


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