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While not every Super Bowl bettor will turn into a habitual gambler, Yahoo execs are confident that its ecosystem can turn many of the first-timer bettors it attracts into repeat customers.
This is a straightforward repeat of the tactic Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell used against former president Barack Obama.
This allows the publisher to remarket to readers for repeat purchases and offer branded merchandise to build the commerce brand even further.
Government officials are sealing off streets and some large public areas in the hopes of preventing a repeat of last week’s chaos.
This repeat revenue is also high margin with less than 20% cost of revenue and is expected to grow more than 30% per year on our platform.
Members of the House Homeland Security Committee were to be briefed Thursday on actions related to the no-fly list as well as other steps officials are taking to avoid a repeat of last week's deadly violence.
Despite last week’s violence in Washington — and the danger of a repeat performance — both financial and political conditions are near-perfect for stocks, analysts said.
In recent days, lawmakers have questioned whether enough is being done to prevent a repeat of the violence that shook the Capitol.
Researchers have studied the relationship between repeat traffic offenders and serious collisions, with some data suggesting a strong correlation between the two.
Retailers who understand the value of establishing meaningful connections are creating personalized journeys using technology to build solid relationships with their customers to not only satisfy their expectations, but also encourage repeat buyers.


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