Thesaurus / remain


Fossils eroding out of footprint-bearing sediment included remains of elephants and large gazelles called oryxes, but not humans.
When fires burn up vegetation, the charred remains become hydrophobic—meaning they repel away any water.
Until now, the oldest remains of an ancient gibbon species consisted of a small number of teeth found in China, which date from around 7 million to 9 million years ago.
She’s a bioarchaeologist — someone who studies human history through research on human remains.
Its remains will then be smeared out into a system of rings, like the rings of Saturn but smaller and darker.
Prior cultural surveys and Kumeyaay historians have noted the existence of human remains and archaeological sites within the path of construction.
The tracks were found in the fossil-rich Jinju Formation, home to the remains of a wide variety of animals including dinosaurs.
The oldest directly dated human remains have turned up in a Bulgarian cave.
Her team studied the remains of three women and six men buried in a high-status Mongolian tomb.
It’s unclear how many people will choose human composting for their family’s remains.


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