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He would become a keeper of junkyards—overgrown lost worlds of relic chariots.DAWN OF THE HELIOCENE - ISSUE 90: SOMETHING GREENSUMMER PRAETORIUSSEPTEMBER 16, 2020NAUTILUS
Today Friedman’s doctrine, like many relics of the 1970s, is viewed as a bit of a cartoon.THE GHOST OF MILTON FRIEDMAN WILL HAUNT THE MARKETS UNTIL COMPANIES FIX CEO PAYJUDITH SAMUELSONSEPTEMBER 16, 2020QUARTZ
Most notably, Switzerland completely overhauled its epidemic law, a relic from 1886.HOW A SWISS SKI RESORT WAS RAVAGED BY TYPHOID AND SURVIVEDDANIEL MALLOYSEPTEMBER 9, 2020OZY
It’s one of the most amusing ongoing appendage-measuring contests in media, a relic of the TV era and an example of how the fiercest battles are often fought over the most inconsequential things.IT’S 2020, AND CNN AND FOX NEWS ARE STILL BATTLING OVER COMSCORE NUMBERSSTEVEN PERLBERGJULY 31, 2020DIGIDAY
One thing that’s keeping them alive is relic organic matter deposited from the ocean in an earlier geologic era.HE FOUND ‘ISLANDS OF FERTILITY’ BENEATH ANTARCTICA’S ICESTEVE NADISJULY 20, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
They think these are relics of an ancient outburst of gas from the galaxy’s center.SPOTTED: MILKY WAY’S GIANT GAS BUBBLES IN VISIBLE LIGHTEMILY CONOVERJULY 16, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
No one who visits Salisbury will forget Stonehenge, the most remarkable relic of prehistoric man to be found in Britain.BRITISH HIGHWAYS AND BYWAYS FROM A MOTOR CARTHOMAS D. MURPHY
A relic, saved no doubt from the wreck of the Abbaye de Chelles, stood like an ornament on the chimney-piece.AN EPISODE UNDER THE TERRORHONORE DE BALZAC
The Tuscan people set great store by the possession of this relic, and have engraved a representation of it upon their coins.A CURSORY HISTORY OF SWEARINGJULIAN SHARMAN
This is, perhaps, almost beneath the dignity of the love-story, but we have to regard it as a relic.A CURSORY HISTORY OF SWEARINGJULIAN SHARMAN


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