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In his work, Levin pieces together how these fields can contain information that guides growth and regeneration.THE LINK BETWEEN BIOELECTRICITY AND CONSCIOUSNESS - FACTS SO ROMANTICTAM HUNTMARCH 10, 2021NAUTILUS
That’s the first time anyone has reported such dramatic “whole-body” regeneration in any sea slug “as far as we know,” Yusa says.A SEA SLUG’S DETACHED HEAD CAN CRAWL AROUND AND GROW A WHOLE NEW BODYSUSAN MILIUSMARCH 8, 2021SCIENCE NEWS
It also reduces the regeneration, so it turns out that Whisper is better for snow driving than Engage is.FORD’S ELECTRIC MUSTANG MACH-E IS AN IMPORTANT LEAP INTO THE FUTUREDAN CARNEYFEBRUARY 12, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
In facing these challenging times, this period of emergency will give us much needed calm and stability, as well as enable us to focus on economic recovery and regeneration.MALAYSIA’S EMERGENCY DECLARATION MEANS PRIME MINISTER CAN DODGE ELECTION UNTIL PANDEMIC ENDSCLAIRE ZILLMAN, REPORTERJANUARY 12, 2021FORTUNE
This pathway, which is primarily responsible for cell differentiation during embryonic development, can also play a role in development of harmful conditions in adults when they malfunction while regulating the regeneration of mature tissues.ENDEAVOR BIOMEDICINES RAISES $62 MILLION TO COMBAT PULMONARY DISEASEDARRELL ETHERINGTONJANUARY 7, 2021TECHCRUNCH
Studying the cells that drive this process could offer lessons for turning on regeneration in human tissues, to treat various diseases, regrow limbs and grow organs for next-generation transplants.THIS YEAR’S SN 10 SCIENTISTS AIM TO SOLVE SOME OF SCIENCE’S BIGGEST CHALLENGESSCIENCE NEWS STAFFSEPTEMBER 30, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Absence of any attempt at blood regeneration explains the marked difference in the blood picture.A MANUAL OF CLINICAL DIAGNOSISJAMES CAMPBELL TODD
And so did our patriots and leaders in the cause of regeneration know better, and never for a moment yielded to the base doctrine.THE CONDITION, ELEVATION, EMIGRATION, AND DESTINY OF THE COLORED PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATESMARTIN R. DELANY
But regeneration, and not re-organization, is experienced by him when he is enabled to lay hold of God's Covenant.THE ORDINANCE OF COVENANTINGJOHN CUNNINGHAM
This hour gives to the imaginative in every land a thrill, a yearning, and a pang of visual regeneration.THE DRAGON PAINTERMARY MCNEIL FENOLLOSA


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