Thesaurus / refusal


My parents, who had divorced a few years earlier, felt hopeless, unable to rein in my constant verbal and physical outbursts and my refusal to go to class.
Republicans will be held accountable for their refusal to stand up for democracy and for the security of their own colleagues.
When informed of this, the “investigator accepted the refusal without question,” according to GAO records.
This means that high refusal rates could jeopardize achieving population immunity even under ideal conditions, and may be even higher in reality.
The rule, pushed by Comptroller Brian Brooks, had been encouraged by some Republicans frustrated by banks’ refusal to lend to certain types of businesses, such as gun manufacturers and oil and gas companies.
The tributes mark ordinary citizens’ refusal to go along with the state-sanctioned memory of China’s coronavirus history.
His previous refusal to sign the bill meant a loss of unemployment aid for millions of people.
Missal’s investigation was hindered, the report says, by the refusal of Wilkie, acting deputy secretary Pamela Powers and his two top press officials, James Hutton and Curt Cashour, to cooperate with requests for follow-up interviews.
For years, San Diego police have spoken at public meetings and hearings about the refusal of most homeless San Diegans they engage to accept shelter and services they offer.
It’s not clear how many people will sign up to get a covid-19 vaccine, and widespread “vaccine refusal” could end up making it easier for Warp Speed to meet its promise of June supplies for any “that want” the vaccine.


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