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If Mardonius succeeds in his attempt, the glory of it will redound to you.XERXESJACOB ABBOTT
We would think that such an incident would by no means redound to the credit of Mr. Lopez.THE PRIME MINISTERANTHONY TROLLOPE
Lekain retaliated by giving publicity to certain episodes in the lady's private life which did not redound to her credit.QUEENS OF THE FRENCH STAGEH. NOEL WILLIAMS
There was every chance that good fortune in being able to do a great favor for the old man might redound to their aid.THE RANGER BOYS AND THE BORDER SMUGGLERSCLAUDE A. LABELLE
They neither redound to the honour of Christianity, nor effect the slightest benefit to morality.SECRET HISTORY OF THE COURT OF ENGLAND, FROM THE ACCESSION OF GEORGE THE THIRD TO THE DEATH OF GEORGE THE FOURTH, VOLUME II (OF 2)LADY ANNE HAMILTON
Merit, indeed, meets in England with rewards of another kind, which redound more to the honor of the nation.THE BEST OF THE WORLD'S CLASSICS, RESTRICTED TO PROSE, VOL. VII (OF X)--CONTINENTAL EUROPE IVARIOUS
All my friends encourage me in this ambition; as thinking it will redound very much to my honour.LIFE AND CORRESPONDENCE OF DAVID HUME, VOLUME II (OF 2)JOHN HILL BURTON
With this once done, to suit their book, any dissolution of Parliament must redound to their sole benefit.THE REMARKABLE HISTORY OF SIR THOMAS UPMORE, BART., M.P., FORMERLY KNOWN AS "TOMMY UPMORE"R. D. BLACKMORE
Of which twenty thousand pounds (as I can judge) will redound some six pounds to the single share.DRAKE'S GREAT ARMADAWALTER BIGGS
Of which twentie thousand pounds (as I can iudge) will redound some sixe pound to the single share.A SVMMARIE AND TRVE DISCOVRSE OF SIR FRANCES DRAKES VVEST INDIAN VOYAGERICHARD FIELD


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