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The coronavirus pandemic is the scourge that keeps on whipping—and its latest punishment is likely to be felt in dozens of states and municipalities across the United States as governments reckon with a massive and sudden loss of revenue.COVID-19 HAS ANOTHER LONG-TERM SIDE EFFECT: A SHRINKING TAX BASECLEAF2013AUGUST 31, 2020FORTUNE
Fitzpatrick reckoned that global macro accounted for about a tenth of the hedge fund industry’s assets a decade ago, but that had now slipped to 6 percent.HEDGE FUND ‘PIRATES’ SET SAIL AGAINDANIEL MALLOYAUGUST 21, 2020OZY
In the century since women’s suffrage, women have transformed our politics — in particular, they’ve become a force to be reckoned with inside the Democratic Party.WOMEN WON THE RIGHT TO VOTE 100 YEARS AGO. THEY DIDN’T START VOTING DIFFERENTLY FROM MEN UNTIL 1980.AMELIA THOMSON-DEVEAUXAUGUST 19, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
So maybe the higher expectations that we have for what we hope for in life earlier, that accounts for why we’re downward sloping until a certain point, and then we reckon with what’s possible.INTRODUCING “NO STUPID QUESTIONS” (EP. 422)STEPHEN J. DUBNERJUNE 18, 2020FREAKONOMICS
So it’s impossible for me to reckon that he wouldn’t have thought through the consequences of aggregating that power, through the use of executive orders and sole executive action and so on.DOES THE PRESIDENT MATTER AS MUCH AS YOU THINK? (EP. 404)STEPHEN J. DUBNERFEBRUARY 6, 2020FREAKONOMICS
Whenever it comes day, we got all the best uh things—though I don't reckon we'll have a walkaway.RAW GOLDBERTRAND W. SINCLAIR
But I reckon we'll have to take these two carcasses along as a sort of corroborative evidence.RAW GOLDBERTRAND W. SINCLAIR
You may put on as many fines as you please, Mr. Judge, but by —— there's a difference between imposing and collecting, I reckon.THE BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND BUDGET OF FUN;VARIOUS
They've both dropped down out of sight now—I reckon I won't spoil sport—shouldn't like it myself.DOROTHY AT SKYRIEEVELYN RAYMOND
Hilsea Green we used to reckon the coldest spot between Portsmouth and London.THE PORTSMOUTH ROAD AND ITS TRIBUTARIESCHARLES G. HARPER


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