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We have reason to believe these kinds of viruses spread better when it’s cold.
Today, Feynman’s “dippy process” has become as ubiquitous in physics as calculus, and its mechanics reveal the reasons for some of the discipline’s greatest successes and its current challenges.
There are a number of reasons why a particular virus might be more active during certain times of year.
Comparing these results with 2016 exit polling is tricky for a few reasons.
One of the reasons for this behavior is that consumers who would ordinarily visit stores are buying online to avoid potential exposure to the virus.
It wasn’t clear from the statement the precise reasons that led to BirdLife’s decision.
Partial indexing is when your URL is indexed by Google but some of the content of the page isn’t indexed for numerous reasons.
Amazon is everyone’s favorite “If you would have put $10k in at the IPO…” stock for good reason.
Of course, there are many other reasons why people do or don’t evacuate during a storm.
There’s also a reason you may not want to supplement with BCAAs if you already consume a high-animal-protein diet or aren’t committed to strength training.


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