Antonyms for re-wrote

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When she disapproved of anything I threw it away—after a row—and re-wrote it.

While there, between 1062 and 1066, he re-wrote and amplified Wilibalds life of Boniface.

They re-wrote his verses before his eyes, using about ten words to his fifty.

But the demand of Humanity was peremptory, and Paine re-wrote it all, and more.

Ackerman re-wrote it into a three page story, later, the present product.

For this third edition she re-wrote nearly the whole of her portion.

When Palacký, towards the end of his life, re-wrote his great work, the earlier parts also appeared in Bohemian.

About twenty years later he re-wrote the same sonnets in the form introduced by Surrey.

And so I wrote and re-wrote until often only my writing hand remained unfrozen.

Henri's mind was made up, and leaving his friend, in high dudgeon, he went to his study and re-wrote his promise of marriage.