Antonyms for re-united

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Who knows but what we may see them re-united before we leave this house?

I consider it a duty that I owe to the family that the estate should be re-united.

And a few feet from the re-united mother and her daughter were Consuello and his mother!

Think of what a power the re-United States will be in another century!

In 1771 it was bought by Mr. Edward Morant, and re-united to the Brockenhurst property.

Thus was severed our connection with Japan, not to be re-united until our own day.

By and by Zumurrud becomes a queen, and the lovers are re-united.

It is my belief that she will die unless you are re-united to her.

Mamma and we all should be so happy to be re-united, and to make only one political family.

The boys are then re-united with their mortal parents Vasudeva and Devaki.