Thesaurus / re-organize


Bustamante immediately took steps to re-organize the government and to place the finances of the colony on a sound footing.

An attempt was therefore made to re-organize at once for another attack, but this was found impossible.

In this position he had to re-organize the territory recently annexed to France.

So I set to work to gather up the fragments of my property, and re-organize the business.

There had been a cessation of fighting for an hour, and the broken troops had commenced to re-organize and get into line.

Thus the unions would retain their confidence and be enabled to re-organize them at an early date.

Re-organize the eastern part of Utah, (the Mormon country), as an Aboriginal territory.

He and I drew up a plan to re-organize the old Conference into a more excellent and practical one.

As, however, two men were now coming up the hill together Letty was obliged to re-organize her forces to meet the new advance.

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