[ verb ree-fil; noun ree-fil ]

Antonyms for re-filled

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


Her presence was with me: it remained while I re-filled the grave, and led me home.

The reader will recall the example: "things were re-filled."

Afterward the pots are re-filled with ore, and the whole work is repeated.

That is to say, I have the old cartridges, and I can have a couple of hundred of them emptied and re-filled and percussioned.

In fact, the sprayer was not re-filled, as there was enough left in it since last using it on the Roses.

He hauled in, and having emptied the contents on the deck, lowered the bag to be re-filled.

He re-filled their champagne glasses, flung an arm sideways over his chair, and smiled at her with a foggy benevolence.

As the tankards were re-filled, tongues were loosed, and jokes piquant as the waters of the Scheldt flew apace.

I issued rations several times while on the march and re-filled the empty wagons at Manassas.

One of the Eskimos rose and re-filled the bowl from a tin camp-kettle which stood on the stove.